Nintendo Switch: 5 awesome, family-friendly games coming in 2021

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Mineko’s Night Market

Developed by Meowza Games
Releases: Later 2021

From the very second that I watched gameplay footage of Mineko’s Night Market, I fell in love with the bizarre Nintendo Switch title.

You control the protagonist Mineko who just moved to a bizarre island with a Japanese aesthetic that worships a cat god named Abe. As you spend more time on the island things go from hearing fables about this cat god to discovering it may be real as more and more residents describe run-ins with the all-mighty feline.

As you grow more comfortable with the town and familiarize yourself with the town folks you’ll learn to take night jobs, venture into mines, craft things, fish, and complete many other mini-games in order to find items that you can sell at your stand at the island Night Market.

Doing so will let you not only buy better equipment to find better things but extra proceeds can go to helping the struggling island get back on its feet as you go through all four seasons all with their own unique challenges and opportunities.

Think “Animal Crossing with a purpose” when you look at this stunning game with absolutely gorgeous art.

The game doesn’t have an official release date beyond “later 2021” but you can absolutely be certain that we’ll be covering this game when it’s closer to the date so stay tuned.