Nintendo Switch: 5 awesome, family-friendly games coming in 2021

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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Developed by Capcom
Releases: July 9th, 2021

When you think of kid-friendly titles you more than likely don’t think of Monster Hunter, a game where people with giant weapons destroy massive creatures and wear their parts as armor but hear me out.

The first Monster Hunter Stories was a complete change in the franchise. You made a cute, cartoonish character in a little town that has a special way to befriend the monsters of their world turning them into friendly companions. As you go through the world you discover new eggs to get new monsters and you engage in battles that use a paper-rock-scissors mechanic to win.

The story gets a little heavy with the trope of a character that’s your best friend becomes a complete edgelord and eventually an enemy but beyond that, it’s a pretty lighthearted journey as you try to figure out what’s happening with a nasty mist that’s turning everything aggressive.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 might actually encourage me to buy several copies as well with the fact that it will also feature online co-op missions allowing for up to four players at once.

It’s definitely not going to be something for SUPER young kids but as something you can sit down and play with kids watching or know your slightly older kids are going to play this is something you can do comfortably.