Genshin Impact Venti guide to Ascension Materials, Talents, Bosses, Artifacts, Weapons

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Venti is the best Burst support unit in the game, hands down. You’ll want Weapons and Artifacts that boost his Elemental Recharge and Elemental Mastery, since you’ll be triggering reactions all the time with his Burst.

Venti Artifacts

4 Piece Viridescent Venerer

This is his best set by far, as he takes the full set bonus to the extreme. With four pieces of the Viridescent Venerer set on, you’ll get a 60% bonus to Swirl damage while lowering the resistance of the enemies affect by Swirled elements. Venti’s Burst Swirls repeatedly, racking up damage to its max very quickly.

For stats, you’ll want Elemental Recharge as a priority, and then ATK%, Crit Rate/DMG either in the main or as a sub-stat. I always run the Goblet as an off-set piece, since getting a relevant Elemental Damage boosting Goblet is difficult. Throw any Anemo DMG Bonus Goblet on him.

Viridescent Venerer can be obtained at the Valley of Remembrance. This battle is tough, since you fight three Cryo Treasure Hoarders, a Fatui Agent and a Cicin Mage at the same time. Luckily, you have Venti.

With the right team combination, you can almost one shot this domain with Venti’s Burst. Right when the fight starts, fire your Burst into the center of the enemies. While they’re stuck in the vortex, use Xiangling’s Burst to swirl Pyro, and then switch to an archer or other DPS unit to wail on them while they’re stuck.

4 Piece Noblesse Oblige

This set isn’t as good as a four-piece Viridescent, but it does a good impression by boosting your Burst damage. You can get this set at the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern at Mt. Aozang in Liyue.

This one is also tough, since you fight one of each kind of Abyss Mage. A trick I’ve found is that right after activating the challenge, run to the corner of the room so you don’t aggro the Hydro or Cryo Mage. This will let you more easily deal with two enemies, but you also won’t be juggled by being frozen.

Venti Weapons

Weapons are always hard to discuss in Genshin Impact, since your available weapons will often be determined by luck.

The best weapons for Venti are ones that boost his Elemental damage or Recharge. The Stringless is a four-star Bow that boosts Skill and Burst damage by 24% at first refinement. the Favonius Warbow has Energy Recharge as its main stat and can give you more Energy by landing crits.

None of the craftable Bows are particularly amazing on Venti, but the 1.4 event bow Windblume Ode has Elemental Mastery as its main stat, and has a way to buff your damage by using an Elemental Skill.

If you have any five-star Bows, they’ll be great on him just for the higher base damage.