Genshin Impact: The complete Hu Tao Guide to Ascension Materials, Talents, Bosses, Artifacts, Weapons

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Hu Tao’s Elemental Skill gives her a damage boost based on her max HP. As such, you’ll want to find artifacts and weapons that play to her strengths.

Hu Tao Artifacts

Normally, an HP main stat artifact is pretty stinky. How many times have you gotten amazing sub-stats just for it to be squandered on an HP artifact? Hu Tao makes perfect use of those awkward artifacts, converting her max HP to damage. You’re looking for HP % and Attack % as your main stats, but flat HP isn’t too bad either. Sub-stats should have at least two of CRIT Rate, CRIT Damage, Attack % or HP %.

There are two Artifact builds for Hu Tao I recommend:

2 Gladiator’s Finale / 2 Crimson Witch of Flames

You’ll get Gladiator’s Finale set artifacts be defeating Bosses, and Crimson Witch of Flames is obtained in the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula Domain challenge. The Gladiator’s Finale two-piece bonus buffs attack, while the Crimson Witch two-piece bonus buffs Pyro damage.

4 Lavawalker

Remember when I said Hu Tao makes awkward artifacts good? The same goes for this set. When you’re grinding for Crimson Witch, you’ll surely have acquired a ton of Lavawalker artifacts. For the most part, it’s inferior to Crimson Witch unless you can take advantage of Lavawalker’s four-piece set bonus. It gives you a 35% damage buff against enemies afflicted by Pyro. Since Hu Tao’s main way of dealing damage will by Pyro by her Skill’s elemental infusion, this set works great on her.

As a general guide, I always set the Goblet artifact to whatever Elemental DMG % is relevant for the character. It doesn’t need to be part of the set, so slap on whatever Pyro DMG % Goblet you have.

Hu Tao Weapons: Best Weapons for Hu Tao

Weapons are a little tough to discuss for Genshin Impact, since the kinds of weapons you have will be entirely based on how lucky (or unlucky) you are.

The obvious choice for weapons is the Staff of Homa. It’s basically made for Hu Tao, giving a 20% HP bonus and a damage bonus equal to .8% of her max HP. It even has an ability that gives an additional damage bonus equal to 1% of Max HP when Hu Tao’s HP is under half. If you have the means to roll for the Staff of Homa, do so as it’s one of the best spears in the game.

Dragon’s Bane is a spear you can get from Wishing. With no refinement, it gives a 20% damage bonus to enemies afflicted with Pyro, which plays well with Hu Tao’s kit. It’s not the best polearm, but will at least be usable on her. The standard good polearms like the Battle Pass’s Deathmatch will also be just fine on Hu Tao.

For free-to-play players, Prototype Starglitter is what you’ll want to turn those Northlander Polearm Billets into. It gives a normal and charged attack bonus when using an Elemental Skill, which you’ll be doing often as Hu Tao. Its secondary stat gives a bonus to Energy Recharge.

The other craft-able Polearm, Crescent Pike, isn’t great on Hu Tao because it gives a Physical damage bonus, and Hu Tao will often be dealing Pyro damage.

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