Ranking the Ground type Experts in the Pokémon Games


With access to strong moves such as Earthquake and Earth Power, the Ground type features strong Pokémon and strong trainers alike. Despite this, there are so far only 4 Ground type experts in the Pokémon main series games. Without further ado, let’s see how these trainers stack up.

4. Bertha, Second Member of the Sinnoh Elite Four

The only Elite Four member to specialize in the Ground type, we know the least about Bertha compared to the others on this list. Perhaps that will change in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. One thing we do know about her is that she has not only tested the strongest trainers in Sinnoh, she also traveled to the Unova region where she and her doppelgänger Agatha battled against Shauntal. Her ace Hippowdon instantly summons sandstorms. making battles against her even tougher.

3. Clay, Gym Leader of Driftveil City

Clay is an intimidating figure, and he has an equally intimidating team featuring Krokorok and Excadrill. Not only is he a respected Pokémon trainer, but he’s a prominent businessman and authority figure around Driftveil City and the Unova region as a whole. Not only does he run the mines and introduce the player to the Pokémon World Tournament, but he leads the Unova Gym Leaders into the fray when the story of Team Plasma’s takeover reaches its climax. He is a born leader who is always up for a challenge, traits all trainers should have.

2. Hapu, Kahuna of Poni Island

Despite being an introverted figure, Hapu possesses great bravery and empathy even to those she just recently met. This is apparent when players of Sun and Moon versions first meet her and her Mudsdale in Paniola Town. Hapu had a lot of pressure on her shoulders when her grandfather died and she was next in line to become the Island Kahuna of Poni Island. Hapu’s hard work paid off when she received Tapu Fini’s blessing, allowing her to reach new heights as a Kahuna and simply a trainer who eventually challenges the Pokémon League.

1.Giovanni, Gym Leader of Viridian City/Team Rocket Boss

Whether you like or hate Giovanni, it’s unavoidable to acknowledge how he’s had a big role in the Pokémon World and the franchise as a whole. Giovanni first encounters Red or Leaf in the Rocket Hideout in Celadon City’s Game Corner and shows no mercy in battle. He would eventually be defeated three times in the height of Team Rocket’s power, giving him no choice but to go into hiding. Without Giovanni’s leadership, the remaining members Team Rocket feel without purpose and goes as far as invading the Goldenrod Radio Tower to reach out to him. Giovanni eventually reappears in the Pokémon World Tournament and mounts an Alolan takeover in the Rainbow Rocket Episode. Giovanni is persistent, and with his vast array of Pokemon including Persian, Rhydon, Nidoking, and even Mewtwo, he isn’t always a pure Ground type specialist but he is the strongest of the bunch.