Taking $GME stonks to the moon? Check out Teepublic to gear up.

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Are you one of the thousands of gamers trying to take $GME to the moon? If so, you might want to gear up for your trip with Teepublic’s sale.

Reddit stock, meme stock, rocket stock… call it what you want, but no one can deny the craziness that is the $GME movement.

It propelled never-before traders into the stock market, blew up the news cycle, created thousands of Reddit threads and prompted a Congressional hearing.

If you’re one of the many who are constantly checking the market, investing into GameStop and enduring the emotional rollercoaster that is day trading, then you need to gear up.

And, thankfully, Teepublic is here to help with t-shirts, magnets, hoodies, posters, mugs are more.

Teepublic allows independent artists to create original designs and market them – so each purchase helps out an artist. Teepublic is the world’s largest marketplace for independent creators to sell their work on high-quality merchandise.

Now, if you’re like me, you might be skeptical. Are the shirts really comfortable? Does the printing fade and crack? Does the shipping take forever?

Thanks to Teepublic, I was given some sample t-shirts to review. I’m happy to report that they’re really, really great.

Firstly, I received the Classic T-Shirt. These are typically $20, but are on sale today for $13 – and they’re well worth it. They come on a Canvas brand tee, and are incredibly soft. I’ve washed and dried them three or four times to test the printing, and I’ve seen no differences.

I’m sure, like any shirt, it will fade over time. But at this point they look as good as they did when I received them. And they’re still super soft.

My only suggestion would be this: If you’re usually kind of in-between sizes, or you want a slightly baggier fit, I would order a size up.  My shirts are a little more snug than I would like, but they aren’t necessarily too small. I just don’t need the entire world seeing my dad bod constantly.

They also list a tri-blend t-shirt, which is advertised as being “extra soft.” Considering how soft the Classic shirt is, I can only image the tri-blend is like being wrapped in a cloud. They also offer a Heavyweight shirt, which is 100% cotton and slightly thicker than the Classic, if that’s your jam.

Love the design, but don’t need more t-shirts? They’ve got you covered.

Stickers, hooded sweatshirts, mugs, masks, posters, tank tops, phone and laptop cases, magnets, pillows, tote bags and pins are available for most designs.

Feeling interested? You can search Teepublic’s massive catalogue of designs here. Or you can check out some meme stock designs below.

GameStonk Power To The People (designed by sach_80)

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Stonks (Wall Street Bets) (designed by QuantumDesigns)

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$GME Moon Mission (designed by Androgen)

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