Can’t find McDonald’s Pokemon toys? Get these instead

Image courtesy of Amazon/Mattel/Wicked Cool Toys/Zanzoon
Image courtesy of Amazon/Mattel/Wicked Cool Toys/Zanzoon /

If you’ve been trying and failing to pick up McDonald’s Pokémon cards, take some of these toys home instead to cure that FOMO.

Unless you’ve been living in a Zubat cave for the last few weeks, you likely know all about McDonald’s Pokémon toys. promotion. Buy any kids’ Happy Meal, and you get a packet of promotional Pokémon cards as well as some other goodies. It sounds like a great arrangement, right? It would be if they weren’t so difficult to get. Between scalpers and eager buyers, these special cards are selling out everywhere.

If you still want some fun Pokémon goodies, these toys are some of the most fun on the market right now. Whether you want something interactive or a figure or two that’s more suited to sitting on your shelf to admire, there’s something on this list for you. And when you’ve gotten the toys you want, who knows? Maybe some new cards will have come into stock, too.

Pick up these Pokémon toys instead

Pokémon Clip ‘N’ Go Belt Set

Pokémon Clip 'N' Go Belt Set
Image courtesy Amazon/Wicked Cool Toys /

The Pokémon Trading Card Game may simulate what it’s like to have your own Pokémon to battle with, but the tactile sensation of holding a Poké Ball is missing. This fun set lets you and your little ones experience what it’s like to carry around your best Pokémon in their humble abodes. It comes with three different Poké Balls and Pikachu and Cubone figures as well as belt to clip them on. It’s hard not to feel like a Trainer when you’ve got this bad boy.

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Pokémon Snooze Action Snorlax Plush

Pokémon Snooze Action Snorlax Plush
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Snorlax’s favorite thing to do is sleep. This adorable plush toy is yours to cuddle with when you hit the hay, too. It has two modes: sleep and awake. You can feed Snorlax the included Pecha Berry when it’s awake. When it’s asleep, it’ll snore, and make plenty of noise so you know you shouldn’t disturb it — not that you could, without a Poké Flute, after all. It makes 20 different reactions, it lights up, and its belly even vibrates. This might be the next best thing to having a real Snorlax.

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Mega Construx Pokémon Pikachu Figure Building Set

Mega Construx Pokémon Pikachu Figure Building Set
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Getting a Happy Meal is always fun, because you get a toy, either for you or your kids. Sometimes, those toys have buildable components. If you can’t get a buildable deck box or cards to go in it, consider this Mega Construx Pikachu building set. When it comes to Pokémon toys, there are few things more fun than making your own. This Pikachu set is a challenge, and when you’re finished, you’ll have a figure that stands 4 inches tall. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about this electric mouse shocking you when you’re done. You can, however, build all of Pikachu’s friends with other Mega Construx sets, and that means you’ll have a whole legion of ‘mons to display when done.

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Pokémon Figure Multi Pack Set with Deluxe Action Gengar – Generation 1

Pokémon Figure Multi Pack Set with Deluxe Action Gengar - Generation 1
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You can’t beat a great set of figures, and this set gives you Generation 1 Pokémon as well as one wacky Gengar to go along with them. As far as Pokémon toys go, this five-piece set is a great option. You get 2-inch figures of Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, plus a large 4.5-inch Gengar. Simulate battles and kick some Gengar butt with this set, or just display them with the rest of your collection.

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Pokémon Trainer Trivia

Pokémon Trainer Trivia
Pokémon Trainer Trivia. Image courtesy Amazon/Zanzoon /

Part of the fun when it comes to the Pokémon Trading Card Game is flexing your knowledge of all the ‘mons. You tear into a booster pack and you can start rattling off which Pokémon came from which game. You can share your knowledge of all things Pocket Monsters with Pokémon Trainer Trivia. This game has 1,000 questions for you to quiz yourself and your friends with. The game handles scoring and everything else, so all you need to do is buzzing by pressing a Pokémon button to win. The first Trainer with the most points wins!

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