Four Reasons Immortals Fenyx Rising is better than Breath of the Wild

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Quality of Life

Like I mentioned earlier in this article, there is an NPC who is literally just casting shade on Breath of the Wild‘s system of weapons breaking, you know, despite the fact that a soldier’s sword would often last them their whole lives.

Immortals Fenyx Rising seems to really want you to just have fun and enjoy yourself. Not only do your weapons never break but if one has good stats but you get one that looks cool, go ahead and make your good weapon look like the neat one, screw it, why not?

This applies to everything. Your bird, your mount, your armor, your helmet, your axe, sword, and bow. You can customize every aspect of yourself. In the image above, I am looking like a dope Hawkwoman despite not actually having anything in this picture equipped.

And speaking of weapons. The combat and fighting is so much better. Switching mid-combo between ax and sword before suddenly calling your phoenix in to swoop on another enemy before following it up with an arrow it’s so easy to do while still being complicated enough to not be easy. It feels really good.

And, because you keep the weapons forever, you even get to upgrade them, making them stronger so you get personality and story behind the weapons themselves giving them personality despite the fact that there are just so many different ones.

As for the other controls, they’re also a vast improvement. One of my favorite aspects is the potions. While Legend of Zelda also featured potions, you often had to go into a menu to use them, even if it was something like stamina potions while you were in the middle of swimming or gliding or climbing.

Check out this shot of me gliding over the landscape in Immortals.

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See that stuff in the bottom left? Let’s say I’m trying to glide somewhere but my stamina is getting low. Instead of going into a menu, finding the potion and choosing to use it before exiting the menu, and hoping I don’t accidentally cancel my flight, all I need to do is tap right on my left d-pad. That’s it. Potion used. It’s wonderful.

It’s even helped me in battle. In Legend of Zelda, I almost never used battle potions. They were useful and fun but going into a menu in the middle of a fight took me out of the moment. In Fenyx Rising, however, all I need to do is tap down on the d-pad and suddenly I have a high chance of reflecting projectiles and my damage ratio is increased for a little bit. Not to date myself but it immediately reminded me of Captain N tapping the B button to go faster. It felt like it was a part of my character and not part of a game.

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So those are my main four reasons. I’m sure I could think of more as I honestly feel the game is masterful and perfects the genre that Breath of the Wild helped create. What are your thoughts? Agree, disagree, think there’s another similar game like Genshin Impact that did better? Lemme know.