Four Reasons Immortals Fenyx Rising is better than Breath of the Wild

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Sense of Humor

I mentioned humor with the characters but the game has such a good sense of humor.

The relationship between narrators Zeus and Prometheus is a perfect comedic duo for your journey through the land. Prometheus is a well-spoken, dramatic character filled with a love for storytelling whereas Zeus is sort of a partier and constantly ready to discredit anyone and anything that might make him look bad in the slightest.

For example, one part of the game has Zeus getting bored with a flowery description when suddenly he yells “suddenly a monster appears” and you’re suddenly faced with a cyclops.

While I understand that Breath of the Wild is a game that’s serious because the situation is so dire and people have died and some returned in some capacity, that point gets put to the wayside when you realize that, honestly, who knows more about dire situations, death and rebirth like the Greek gods?

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While a Titan threatens to take over the land and wipe out all the gods, Hermes and Aphrodite are cracking jokes about how Aphrodite became a tree when her powers were stripped because she’s so good at casting shade.

Immortals Fenyx Rising takes itself seriously but never too seriously. I mean, heck, the game has featured tie-ins with two things already. There’s a Fenyx deck in the UNO game, and in Immortals itself it’s actually possible to get Adventure Time armor. You can even make your phoenix buddy look like Jake the dog and your mount can be made to look like Lady Rainicorn. It doesn’t care, it just wants you to have fun. Though, admittedly, I was sad that none of Finn’s weapons show up in the game. I really wanted Marceline’s guitar ax too but alas. I still get this “helmet”.