Feb. Community Day to feature Roselia; everything you need to know


February Community Day kicks off the first weekend of the month with Roselia in the spotlight. More than fitting to include the ‘Thorn Pokemon’ during the same month that includes Valentine’s Day.

There is a lot of events in store for Pokemon in the month of February. With the 25th anniversary of the franchise approaching, there are plenty of celebrations in store for fans and trainers to look forward to. Pokemon Go is no stranger to these events, even the popular application will include their own events that will be going on to celebrate the anniversary. There is one event that the creators at Niantic always come to deliver with when entertaining their gaming audience. Community Day will be held pretty early this month in February and will include Roselia in the spotlight for the over-spawning of the species on the particular event.

Roselia is the featured Pokemon for Community Day for Feb. 7 2021 from the hours of 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to the local time frame where the trainer plays Pokemon Go. The evolution stages of Roselia will be in the spotlight with Budew hatching from 2 km eggs and Roserade evolving from Roselia with the opportunity to learn the charged move Weather Ball during the hours of the event. Weather Ball is a Fire-type move that will be significant for a Grass/Poison-type Pokemon like Roserade to use to their advantage against other Pokemon. Exclusive timed research will be available for trainers to take advantage of, where the bonus incentives should include Sinnoh Stones for trainers to use for this event and other Pokemon that evolve from this item.

Other incentives include special bonuses that will be available for trainers during Roselia Community Day. During the hours of the event, hatching eggs will take 1/4 of the distance necessary when placed in an Incubator so that trainers can hatch eggs faster. Incense activated during the hours of the event will run for three hours so that it maximizes the opportunity to catch as many Roselia as possible. Using an incense during Community Day has major advantages, especially if trainers are hunting for that shiny Roselia for their collection. Be sure to take a photo of the Roselia you catch or the Roserade that you evolve for a special surprise that is in store for trainers that participate during Community Day.

The ticket price for Roselia Community Day costs $1 (or currency equivalent where the trainer plays) in order to participate during the event. Trainers that purchased a ticket to Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto has free access to the event (which cost $12) and was a bonus incentive for trainers that purchased the ticket even before last month’s Community Day that featured Machop. There will be also a special Community Day box that will be available for trainers who want to maximize their opportunities to catch Roselia. For only 1.280 PokeCoins, a trainer can have an Elite Fast TM, four Incense, four Super Incubators, and 30 Ultra Balls for a trainer to use at their disposal. Plenty of promotions for a trainer to take advantage of for Community Day featuring Roselia, even more so to squander on those items when the time comes for the anniversary event that will feature Kanto.

This was a major change of pace to feature a Pokemon from the Hoenn region for Community Day. It was to be held in the expectation that the developers at Niantic were going to feature different Pokemon that were not selected in the spotlight last year during the voting process. However, Roselia was not one of those Pokemon available in any of those voting segments. It could be a new direction that the developers at Niantic are featuring Pokemon that are popular in the Pokemon community and that is definitely a perk that trainers would love to see more of. Machop and the Pokemon’s evolutionary line has become more popular as a character in recent games with Pokken Tournament with Machamp featured in the games. Roselia and Roserade are popular Pokemon with trainers that favor Grass-type Pokemon. Even more so with roses as a symbol of flattery and admiration when telling a significant other how much you care for them by giving them flowers. Nothing tells another trainer how they feel like a beautiful Roselia does.

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With the prior information stated and the events with Roselia being featured, the optimism of making Community Day feature a more promising Pokemon in 2021 is more likely. During the times of celebrating the Pokemon anniversary, the creators of the franchise turn to Google on what is the most searched Pokemon per each generation. With only six generations featured in Pokemon Go, this concept will definitely be leaned on deciding what Pokemon might be featured for Community Day for the future months of the year. There could be the possibility of the Unova of Kalos starters being featured in the spotlight, the predictions are almost endless on what will be decided for future Community Days.

Community Day is known to be a popular event that trainers look forward to participating in every month. Roselia being the featured Pokemon for February is a romantic gesture by Niantic and even more so to celebrate a popular Pokemon that trainers can collect. Remember to purchase your tickets if you plan on participating in the event for the first Saturday of the month. Happy collecting trainers, hopefully, you will catch as many shiny Roselia as possible in this week’s promotion!

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