Five franchises that could use a Kart Racer

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Listen, how. How. HOW. How has there not been a Transformer racing game? They change into vehicles.

Sure, Transformers has had a plethora of mobile games and I know they had a racing game for Bumblebee but I’m not talking about mobile apps. I’m talking about a full-on, big-budget racing game.

Whether racing through Cybertron or Earth or even junk planets and even across the surface of Unicron itself there is no lack of interesting places to race. Imagine tearing through the raised streets of Cybertron as the Aerialbots and Seekers do battle overhead. Tearing through some alien planet as Predicons and Insecticons cause mayhem to the track. Racing through a city on Earth as Omega Supreme and Trypticon battle each other like kaiju.

And obviously, Transformers has no shortage of characters you can choose in the game and, because of this, no shortage of vehicles either. I’d love to see Wheeljack and Ironhide and even the weird vehicle Soundwave sometimes becomes using their various abilities in a high speed race for whatever the reason.

Honestly, as someone with kids who has seen all the Netflix kid spin-offs I know that it’s canon that there are racing leagues in which Cybertronians race mostly for clout. But one thing Michael Bay has taught us, if anything, is that when it comes to Transformers, you don’t really need a deep story to be part of the franchise.

So there are my five picks; Hyperdimension Neptunia, Mega Man, Persona, Legend of Zelda and Transformers. What about you? If you could pick anything as a racer what would it be? Would you want to speed through the Lego Universe filled with everything like DC and Marvel characters they’re allowed to use? A kart racer based off Netflix originals where Kipo can race against the Dragon Riders? Or maybe even just rebooting a racing series of old just because you feel Konami Krazy Racers didn’t have enough Silent Hill? Comment below with your hottest take.