Five franchises that could use a Kart Racer

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Everyone knows Mario Kart. Even if you’ve barely or never played it, you know about it. You see a banana peel and you immediately recognize its ability to both contain a high level of potassium as well as being somehow able to completely remove the frictional relationship that existed between the road and an entire vehicle.

There have also been other ones in recent history with Sonic Team Racing and Crash Team Racing, each reviving classic kart racing franchises.

But there are so many other franchises, BIG franchises, that would absolutely benefit from having the kart race experience.

Now, before you tell me that not everything can or should have a kart racer, I will happily point out that you are wrong. First off, kart racing is easily one of the most accessible party games with everyone on earth having a basic understanding of gas to go and left and right to turn. If you’ve ever even walked down a crowded hallway in a hurry you know how to kart race.

And as far as franchises go, I will absolutely state that everything can be a kart racer. Hell, Nickolodeon constantly makes kart racers that just feature characters from its popular titles. There have been moments where Invader Zim has chased after Spongebob only for them both to be knocked out of the way by a Ninja Turtle giving a Rugrat a chance to take the lead. It has happened. Hell, Garfield has a kart racer. I repeat. GARFIELD. THE CAT. HAS A KART RACER. Garfield is known for only three things. Lasagna. Sleeping. And never being funny. And yet, he has his own kart racer. By that logic alone, the sky is the limit.

Heck, if we hope into the era of Playstation One and Two, you’ll see a million kart racers. They feature all sorts of franchises like; The Muppets, Final Fantasy’s Chocobos, Star Wars, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Toy Story, Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, Woody Woodpecker, Mega Man, and more. Hell, one of the worst-rated video games of all time is a kart racer starting the M&M candies.

Not only are kart racers accessible but it provides people to celebrate franchises they love and spend time in their world even if it’s at a high rate of speed. Does your kid love DreamWorks movies? Madagascar has a kart racer for that (though shame on them for not calling it “Madagas-kart”), are you a grandparent that wants to introduce your kids to the original O.G. racers? Wacky Races is based on the 1960’s cartoon of the same name and is filled with famous Hanna Barbara characters your grandkids are sure to not recognize at all. Heck, is your child obsessed with people on YouTube controlling their purchasing habits and causing them to have a materialistic panic episode? Worry not, the million kid host of Ryan’s World, a YouTube channel dedicated to having a child excitedly tell your kids about the toys he’s paid millions to be excited about, has a racing game where you can race as either the child or his merch!

Ranting aside, there are a million franchises that would absolutely benefit from a kart racer. Even if they already have one, maybe a BETTER one. So buckle up, get your turtle shells at the ready, and let’s-a go as we talk about five franchises that would benefit from kart racers.