NHL 21 Ratings: First roster update adds new rookies

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With the start of the 2021 NHL season officially underway, new rookies have been added into NHL 21 with its first major roster update of 2021.

NHL hockey is back and back with a bang! The 2021 NHL season is officially over a week old and the teams have gotten used to their division rivals for the season. While there are still tons of games to be played and teams to be seen, there have been some rookies make their debut during the 2021 season. With the debut of these new rookies to the NHL has also come their debut to NHL 21.

The new roster update adds four rookies along with giving these rookies their first ever NHL 21 video game ratings.

1. Kirill Kaprizov (Minnesota Wild, LW, 83 Overall)

Kirill Kaprizov is an absolute stud and a great addition for the Minnesota Wild. I know the season is very young and he has only played 4 games, but he has be unbelievable for the Wild so far. In their first 4 games of the season, Karpizov has recorded a total of 5 points (1 goal, 4 assists). For a rookie this is amazing. Some elite NHL players do not even have 5 points yet and that is saying a lot for being a rookie in the NHL. Kaprizov has more points than Brad Marchand, Claude Giroux, and even Artemi Panarin.

The season is extremely young and it is even very likely that those three players I have named will finish with more points than Kirill Kaprizov. However, anything is possible and if this kid can keep up at the pace he is going right now, he would have a case for rookie of the year. The key word here is “if” and that is a very big word. It is going to be very hard to keep that momentum going especially for a rookie in the NHL. Only time will tell as there are still 52 games left in this shortened season.

Kirill Kaprizov has earned an early 83 overall in NHL 21 and leads the new pack of rookies in this roster update. There is no question that if Kaprizov can stay consistent and healthy for the 2021 season, he will definitely see his rating spike a little bit throughout the year.

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