Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game: How to unlock Negascott and Mr. Chau

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Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game
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How to unlock Mr. Chau

Mr. Chau is an awesome character that was woefully absent from the Scott Pilgrim movie. In the movie, Scott Pilgrim uses a high school girl named Knives to get over a rough spot. They have a shallow, hallow relationship taking advantage of Knives naivety to make himself feel better. He kinda sucks. But in the book, not much happens on that front except at one point Knives gets an apology.

In the book, however, her dad does what any dad might do if their high schooler dated Scott Pilgrim. He wanted to kill Scott. And Mr. Chau is possibly the last dad you wanna tick off. He is a master swordsman who, fueled by vengeance, is remarkably fast, silent and efficient.

Eventually, Scott starts to become a better person through and Mr. Chau sees this forgiving him and even helping him in a battle Scott was not prepared for. Knives, herself, moves on to develop as a person and become pretty awesome.

So how do you get this enigmatic swordsman on your side in the video game?

Pay attention to the map every time you beat a stage. Sometimes you may see a tiny Mr. Chau appear on the map similar to the enemies that will appear on the map in Super Mario 3. Going to him will start a battle.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game
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Be warned though, if he beats you once, one life, you’ll be ejected from the battle and he’ll disappear. As far as I’ve seen he only shows up, at most, once per playthrough.

Once you beat him, however, you’ll unlock him for the character you’re currently using, as a “striker”. Normally, hitting the left shoulder button during battle, will call down Knives who, depending on your character, will either heal you with tea, throw daggers at the enemies, or, if you’re Kim, kiss you and make every enemy around you stunned.

Unlocking Mr. Chau will replace Knives with him. He will show up, teleport around the screen slicing every enemy into nothingness, and then bow and disappear. And, as I said earlier, there’s also the possibility you will summon his wife instead with hilarious results.

Now, onto Negascott.