Screenshot tour: The best and worst moments in gaming from 2020

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2020, amirite? It’s now 2021 and we’re working on yeeting the previous year directly into the sun (despite the fact that 2021 seems like 2020 wearing a purge mask). But games were kinda fun last year and I covered a ridiculous amount of them, taking screenshots as I did. Sometimes, just for fun, I look at the massive “AppTrigger” folder and just walk down memory lane like the old lady from Titanic with a photo album. Here are some of my personal favorites I took in 2020 in no particular order. And if you’re familiar with my work, you’ll know I obsess over both Animal Crossing and Pokemon Sword/Shield so take comfort that I limited myself to three screenshots max for each game. Let’s go!

Marvel Realm of Champions
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From “Marvel’s Realm of Champions”
The Legion of Dorks

I didn’t mince words about the Marvel Realm of Champions MOBA app. I did not enjoy it. And that’s coming from someone who very much enjoys Marvel’s Avengers. Part of that came from the fact that while you could unlock a ton of cosmetics, if you wanted to actually play the game well you had to equip whatever was stronger and that ended up looking like they’re being attacked by the contents of a Spirit Halloween store. Every time I stumble across this screenshot, I laugh harder than I should. I’m so bad at taking screenshots on my phone and this was such a lucky get.

From “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”
Ain’t No Sunshine When He’s Going

I have a ton of Animal Crossing screenshots since I’ve done a lot of Animal Crossing stuff in the past. But when I first started playing I didn’t really have a lot to work with so I had to go for filters and dramatic lighting. Then I unlocked a toilet. Then this happened. It reminds me of the silliness and the potential of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Jump Force Deluxe Edition for Nintendo Switch
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From “Jump Force”
Going, Going…Gon

Jump Force is a really bizarre title. A 3D fighting game where characters from different animes are thrown together into one world where no one is curious why everyone’s anatomies are so violently different. But it was when I was trying to capture a fight between my customer character and Hunter X Hunter protagonist Gon that I got this crazy screenshot. A beautifully rendered close-up of me…punching a 14-year-old boy.

From “Pokemon Shield”
Take a Shiny Wooloo, Put it In your Pocket, Shave it on a Rainy Day

This is not one of the prettier screenshots but the story is funny. I was in the middle of shiny hunting the Ultra Beast “Blacephalon” when someone informed me about a new limited-time Pikachu with a special move called “Celebrate”. I needed a change of pace after I had been trying to get this shiny for two hours to no avail. So I left and downloaded the Pikachu. Wanting to try the move safely I went back to the starting area and when I entered a battle… a shiny Wooloo. The audacity.