Black Friday 2020: The best Xbox One and PS4 deals

For those of you still playing Xbox One or PS4, there are some great discounts on games this Black Friday. Here are some of the highlights and sales.

Even though the Xbox Series X and PS5 are the shiny new consoles this year, the fact is not everyone can upgrade to next-gen immediately. Whether it’s the cost or simply supply and demand, there are still a huge amount of people still gaming on the Xbox One and PS4 and, thankfully, both will be supported for years to come.

If you’re looking to save on Xbox One or PS4 games this Black Friday, you’re in luck. There are some great deals to be had.

Unfortunately, if you’re in the market for a new Xbox One or PS4 console and are looking for a discount or bundle, you probably won’t find one. As I previously wrote, it doesn’t appear that any retailer is offering discounts or bundles on these older consoles — probably because they want to emphasize the Xbox Series X or PS5.

Again, if you’re looking to buy a new console this holiday season, I would recommend just waiting for the Xbox Series X or PS5 to come in stock before paying full price for an Xbox One or PS4. It’s just not worth it at this stage of the game. That said, a possible option would be to buy one secondhand.

If you already own a PS4 or Xbox One and are looking to bolster your gaming catalog, there are tons of discounts to be had. Most major retailers — Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart, Target and Amazon — are offering similar discounts on Xbox and PlayStation games. Thankfully, the online community has come together and created an incredibly helpful spreadsheet that lists the lowest prices for each game. Check out that entire spreadsheet for the best deal on Xbox One and PS4 games.

Beyond games and consoles, you can save on memberships and accessories/controllers. GameStop has a three-month PlayStation Plus membership available for $44.99, while Target, Best Buy and Walmart have a three-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership available for about $22 — roughly 50% savings. As I wrote, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the best deal in gaming so I would definitely hop on this sale if you can.

If you’re in need of an Xbox One controller, Best Buy, Walmart and the official Microsoft Store are selling them for just $39.99 (a $20 discount).

This is a very strange year with the global pandemic and launch of a new console generation but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some good deals on games. And the great thing about the Xbox Series X and PS5 is that they feature backward compatibility with Xbox One and PS4 games in most cases.