Xbox Series X or S consoles not part of Microsoft Black Friday deals

Microsoft’s Black Friday sale has gone live and the Xbox Series X or S consoles are not a part of the company’s holiday deals this year.

Microsoft’s Black Friday sale officially kicks off today and while it features big savings on Xbox games and peripherals, you won’t find any deals on the Xbox Series X or S consoles. Of course, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as Microsoft’s next-gen consoles only just released earlier this month.

The Xbox Series X and S are selling out as fast as retailers can restock them and with “overwhelming global demand,” there’s really no reason for Microsoft to discount or bundle its hot-ticket item. Gamers will be lucky enough to get their hands on an actual Xbox Series X, let alone a discount on one. I doubt retailers will be offering any sort of savings either as they can barely keep them in stock.

As for its Black Friday sale, you can save up to 40 percent off on three months of Xbox Game Pass, save up to 55 percent on select Xbox One digital titles — which technically can be played on the Xbox Series X|S as well thanks to backward compatibility –and get up to $20 off select Xbox controllers. Most of Microsoft’s Black Friday discounts are valid through November 30, so there’s no real rush.

As for those still on the hunt for an Xbox Series X or S, well, good luck. Microsoft is encouraging those interested to check with your local retailers but most will just tell you they don’t know when they’re getting more in stock. And, for the most part, retailers are sticking to online purchasing only.

Walmart has restocked the Xbox Series X|S multiple times since launch day and each time, with an advanced warning given, they’ve sold out immediately. That said, all hope is not lost. Walmart and Best Buy have both promised to have the Xbox Series X and S in stock on the actual Black Friday day, which falls on November 27. I’m pretty sure most major retailers will as well.