Marvel Avengers: What caused the massive player drop (and what did not)

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Marvel’s Avengers is suffering from a massive dip in players. Let’s go into why this is happening and what is just silly theories.

Recently it has been reported that the PC player base for Marvel’s Avengers has dropped a whopping 96 percent since launch. Let’s talk about this because since it was reported there have been a lot of ideas why and some of them don’t make sense.

So we’re going to look at it logically by going into reasons why this dip occurred and what is just bizarre opinion.

NOT THE CAUSE – Ms. Marvel

If you look into the dip in players by looking into Google like I did, originally one of the first sites you might stumble on is a fairly new site called “Cosmic Book News”. Unfortunately, Cosmic Book News is an extremely alt-right news site ran by disgraced comic book scribe, Ethan Van Sciver, a person famous for helping to start the “Comicsgate” movement which rallied against comic books getting “political”. Unfortunately, their idea of a book getting “political” extends to a superhero not being a white male.

Clicking on this link will tell you that the reason for this drop focuses heavily on the story’s focus on Ms. Marvel by claiming she is a failure and was forced into the game to his a racial status quo. The article then goes on to call her a sales failure.

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Here’s why that’s bunk. First off, never trust a person who uses “SJW” as an attack, especially if they’re a comic book writer who suddenly thinks fighting for social justice is bad like they haven’t seen a single issue of Captain America.

But here’s the other bit. Ms. Marvel was a godsend for Marvel Comics. As Vox pointed out recently, Ms. Marvel was one of Marvel’s highest-selling books. Near impossible to keep in stock as it opened up a massive new market of people who normally feel alienated by comic books. It was a huge success for Marvel, outselling many of their other books. And Ms. Marvel herself is going to be in her own movie in the MCU, making her the freshest character to star in her own MCU property. Miles Morales technically got a movie first but that was a one-off movie as opposed to something tied to the MCU.

So having the story focused on Ms. Marvel isn’t really anything that would have affected player drop-off. Especially considering the fact that the end game focuses more heavily on Black Widow, Captain America, Thor and Hulk as opposed to Ms. Marvel. In fact, after you beat the main story, you don’t really get a Ms. Marvel story beat until you get her to level 50 where you’re treated to a special cut scene which I won’t spoil but is adorable.

So it’s definitely not her fault. Honestly, I remember hearing a lot of customers from the job I had at the time saying they weren’t interested in the game until they heard about her being in it.