Rocket League: Five tips that should make winning a bit easier

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4. Customize the camera settings to your liking

Most people when they play a video game is that they tend to leave the default settings for the game. However, if you ask any of the Rocket League pros themselves they will tell you that they have altered their camera settings to their liking. Maybe you want a wider field of view, a wider height of the camera, or even a different angle on the camera. These things can help out improve your game for the better if you just mess around with them to see which one suits you. Everyone is different and each of the settings are going to be different based on who is playing the game. Some of the settings that work for my playstyle might not be the best for your playstyle. Change some of the settings around and camera angles until the game is to your liking.

You would be surprised how much better you might play just by adjusting the camera to a different height or a different angle. When I first started playing Rocket League I had left the camera settings as what they defaulted to. Then after a while, I decided to change some of the camera settings around based on some people’s recommendations and I can honestly say that I have seen a crazy amount of improvement in my gameplay for the better. A simple change of some of the settings can go a long way. It might take a few games to figure out which settings work for you, but when you finally end up figuring out which settings work for your gameplay, you will be wondering why you haven’t changed any of them sooner.