Rocket League: Five tips that should make winning a bit easier

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3. Learn to do aerials

This is going to take some time to learn and took me well over a year to be good at it. This is something that can’t be done over night, but when mastering it can be a complete game changer that can lead yourself to many wins. Being able to hit the ball out of the air by leaping to get it with your car is something that isn’t common that you will see in the early stages of Rocket League. Aerials are something that you won’t see too much of in Bronze, Silver or even the early stages of Gold ranking. You tend to see players trying to do aerial shots as you get to the end of Gold III and beyond. As soon as you get into Platinum ranking you can almost guarantee that you will see players attempting aerials each and every game. By Diamond ranking and above it is almost essential to learn this maneuver because it will be critical to learn in order to progress your ranking.

Being good at aerials also helps you prevent goals from being scored. Sometimes when a ball is coming at your net and the ball looks like it might be shot directly into the corner of your goal the only way that you might be able to stop it is if you jump and boost to make sure that you get up in the air in time to stop the quick ball. I know that there are even goalie training packs that have some save situations that require to be in the air to make a save. Aerials are just a natural part of Rocket League that you will have to learn sooner or later if you want to progress your ranking and get some wins.