Rocket League: Five tips that should make winning a bit easier

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2. Make sure to rotate positions

This one kind of goes hand in hand with not chasing after the balls 100% of the time. If there is a point where you are in the offensive zone and you see your partner coming in to take a shot, make sure that make your way back into the defensive zone so that you can play goalie. There is no reason for everyone on the same team to be clustered in the offensive zone at the same time. That helps nobody and one chip shot from your opponent out of their offensive zone into your defensive zone is going to lead to the other team scoring 90% of the time.

Rotating is a huge part of Rocket League and is something that professionals do all the time. If you watch the RLCS (Rocket League Championship Series), you will see that when a ball is hit towards either goal there is always a goalie ready there to make the stop. Very rare will you see an open net for either team in these competitive games. The main reason behind why you see it hard for opposing teams to score is that each team is constantly rotating from offense to defense. If you are going to play Rocket League, you are going to have to learn to play both offense and defense. You also have to learn to put trust into your teammates. You have to trust that they will do their best on offense when you are on defense and that your teammates will do the same on defense when you are on offense. Rocket League usually tends to be a team sport (unless you are playing solos) so make sure you rotate and put trust in your team.