Seahawks’ Russell Wilson finally gets invite to Madden 99 Club

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is now officially part of the Madden 99 Club

Five weeks into the 2020-21 NFL season, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has finally been admitted into the elusive Madden 99 Club. With this week’s roster update, Wilson will be bumped up to a game-perfect 99 overall rating, an adjustment I’ve been calling to be made for weeks now.

Wilson has been putting up video game-like numbers this season while guiding the Seahawks to a perfect 5-0 start. He’s thrown for 19 touchdowns — on pace to smash his career-high in a season — and 1,502 yards.

He also set an NFL record for most touchdown passes (14) through the first three games of a season. It was a record previously set by Patrick Mahomes II in 2018 with 13 passing touchdowns.

But despite his red hot start to the season, it took five weeks of adjustments for Wilson to get the coveted 99 rating. According to EA, the adjustors have been boosting various attributes since the start of the season, including Awareness, short and mid Throw Accuracy, Play Action, on the run and throwing under pressure. He started off with a 97 overall rating before quickly getting bumped up to 98 overall.

Stats aside, Wilson has the “it” factor that helps him stand out among the rest of the quarterbacks in the league. This was emphasized in last Sunday’s dramatic comeback win over the Vikings. Down 26-21 in the fourth quarter, Wilson brilliantly drove the Seahawks down the field in the final two minutes of the game to capture the lead, 27-26.

It was perhaps the leadership he exuded on this final drive that convinced EA to finally give him the boost he needed to get into the Madden 99 Club.

“Madden Ratings Adjustorsfelt Wilson has been the ultimate playmaker,” EA said in a statement, adding that he has the “best deep ball accuracy in the league and is able to do the most without his feet set.”

I don’t know if I would say he has a better deep ball that Patrick Mahomes but Wilson has definitely made some clutch throws — especially with the emergence of DK Metcalf at receiver.

It’s no coincidence then that it was Metcalf who surprised Wilson with the invite to Madden’s 99 Club.

Wilson will be bumped up to a 99 overall rating in Madden 21 with this week’s roster update. Do you agree with his new rating?