Crown Tundra DLC gets release date in surprise Pokemon Direct

Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass. Image Courtesy The Pokémon Company International, Nintendo
Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass. Image Courtesy The Pokémon Company International, Nintendo /

Within a 24-hour time frame, Gamefreak announced an update for the next installment for the downloadable content for Pokemon Sword and Shield that features The Crown Tundra. There were a handful of announcements made including the release date of the DLC and when it will be available. Gamefreak delivered on their promises that were left lingering in the question of what is to be approached about their franchise. After a full year of being released, Pokemon Sword and Shield look like it will finally fulfill satisfaction with their general audience. Even more, additions that are made to contribute to the latest installment in Pokemon, everything is coming together for the Pokemon Community.

The Crown Tundra

The second DLC that was part of the packaged deal to continue the adventure in Pokemon Sword and Shield is getting released sooner than expected. For the trainers that purchased the packaged deal that included the Isle of Armor, the second part of the adventure continues with even bigger challenges than before. The Crown Tundra will feature even a more legendary story for the trainer to encounter in a rigid frozen land structure; filled with many challenges and surprises. The release for The Crown Tundra will be Oct. 22nd in the United States and will be distributed everywhere else the following day.

The adventure in the Crown Tundra will feature the player encountering Peony, who will leave the player in charge of an expedition across frosted hills and dark caverns. Some of these dark caverns include Dynamax Adventures that the trainer will need to bring more than one Pokemon, which is different than the regular raids that the player encounters Dynamax Pokemon. Instead, a trainer will bring three Pokemon and try to team up with more players online to conquer more Pokemon that leads up to a bigger boss battle; with the potential to feature legendary Pokemon. The release of the Crown Tundra brings all legendary Pokemon featured in prior Pokemon title games. A feature that was criticized by the general audience by not completing the National Pokedex, challenging the legendary Pokemon in this fashion makes the experience in Pokemon more surreal and difficult.

More new Pokemon were featured in this spotlight trailer in the Crown Tundra. The teaser that featured Galarian Slowpoke when the expansion pass was first being worked on has its second evolution with Galarian Slowking. The Legendary Bird Trio also plays a key part in the storyline that the player is encountering on their expedition. Travels to temples and platforms show the encounter that the trainer will see when battling Regieleki and Regidrago, new members of the Colossal Titan family. Calyrex plays a key role, especially being the mascot of the Crown Tundra. Like Kubfu and the evolved form Urshifu, Calyrex plays a key part in the story for the player’s interaction in the Crown Tundra.

New Featured Challenges in the Crown Tundra

One of the thrilling features of the Crown Tundra will feature the Galarian Star Tournament. All of the important characters from gyms and supporting cast members will be organized to challenge each other in a special edition of double-battles. The player will choose which partner of these featured All-Stars of Galar in order to compete and win in this special tournament. The object of the challenge is to use every trainer possible as a partner to complete the Galarain Star Tournament fully. There should be some sort of incentive for accomplishing this task in full completion.

This is something that brings a small piece of nostalgia from prior games in the Pokemon series that has been done before. In Pokemon Black and White 2, there was a major part of trainers from all over the Pokemon World to compete in the Pokemon World Tournament. Featuring gym leaders, rivals, and elite four champions from five generations, this was a mega tournament that made battling features more entertaining for trainers. The Galarian Star Tournament gives that feeling to those same features once played in the past. Pokemon players admire the guilty pleasure of vintage feel in new core series games.

Photo: Pokemon Home.. Image Courtesy The Pokémon Company International
Photo: Pokemon Home.. Image Courtesy The Pokémon Company International /

Pokemon Home and Pokemon Go Synchronized

The announcement trainers of both the core series and the popular app Pokemon Go have been waiting for has finally arrived. Pokemon Home is now ready to be synchronized with Pokemon Go after a long time of development that fully completes the app. The connection between the two applications makes the ability for Pokemon that were caught in Pokemon Go get the same feel and experience by training and battling with them at their full potential in a Pokemon game. This feature was a key concept with the first game that was introduced to the Nintendo Switch with Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee when the game and app can be connected via the Go Park which replaced the Safari Zone in Fuchsia City.

In addition to transferring Pokemon to Pokemon Home from Pokemon Go, the Mystery Box will be available for trainers to acquire once transferring Pokemon from the app. For the players that did not have the option of the transfer capabilities in the Let’s Go series, the same players will finally have the ability to capture the mythical Pokemon that is exclusive to the app; Meltan. Meltan and Melmetal are exclusive Pokemon that can only evolve in Pokemon Go, so this feature finally giving access to more players that can fulfill the collector’s driven by completing a National Dex. In addition to having access to the Mystery Box, when a trainer transfers from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home, a Mystery Gift feature will allow a trainer to have a special edition Melmetal that has is a Dynamax version with a special move.

The announcement for Pokemon Sword and Shield and their second DLC to be released sooner than expected is something Pokemon fans will be relieved for. The addition of Pokemon Home being synchronized with Pokemon Go finally is even more to relief so trainers can finally raise Pokemon from the app to the core series games. For the trainers that have no purchased a copy of Pokemon Sword and Shield or the DLC, there is even a bigger treat for those trainers that waited. A full complete edition of both games with both the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra will be available for retail on Nov. 6th. An edition to these promotions being released, special edition Pikachus wearing Ash’s hat through the animated series will be available once more for trainers to acquire via Mystery Gift. The first Pikachu featuring Ash’s hat from the Kanto series is already available for trainers to download. A great year in Pokemon is wrapping up for even a bigger one in 2021.

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