Marvel’s Avengers: 3 costumes we’d love for Ms. Marvel

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Here are three costumes we’d love to see for Ms. Marvel in Marvel’s Avengers.

Continuing our look through Marvel history, today we have three costumes for my favorite hero of the bunch in Marvel’s Avengers: Ms. Marvel. As you can see, I have one of Ms. Marvel’s legendary costumes though, that may be a little hard to tell if you’re not a Ms. Marvel fanboy like myself because it is very similar to her standard costume. The issue with her isn’t that she doesn’t have a lot of good costumes to chose from, she just doesn’t have as long of a history.

Unfortunately, because of this, Kamala is mostly known for being a super fan so her costumes heavily reflect that in the fact that 10 of them just steal the looks from other superheroes. Kamala deserves looks of her own.

But I dug deep and I found three incredibly excellent costumes that would not be a stretch for the malleable maiden to pull off.

2019’s Stormbringer Suit

So last year Kamala Khan got to go into space where she got to meet an old Kree A.I. The A.I. granted her an ancient nanite battle suit that not only enhanced her strength but gave her the ability to create objects out of thin air.

Not only that but another gift of the suit was that it was a really cool alternate look for the young hero.

It looked really cool, stretched with her and gave her slick metallic accents. The only problem was the same problem every liquid suit in the Marvel universe has, it was, you guessed it, alive and symbiotic. Over time Kamala realized that she would just start hurting criminals and, at one point, could not stop hitting someone fighting her own hand. Eventually, through sheer force of will, she forced the suit off of her just to find out that it was a secondary being known as Stormbringer which is now her very own Venom like villain.

This kind of gives us two costumes. I’d love to see the 2019’s Stormbringer suit first and foremost. I think it’s a really cool look that, while drawing from her traditions looks a lot more like a superhero outfit than her normal fare. It’s hard to modernize and stay traditional but this nailed it.

But also, if you ever do a Halloween event where you can make them look like villains and stuff, having an actual light blue Stormbringer look actually making her look like the creature would be a killer touch.

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