Genshin Impact Beginner’s Guide: Everything you need to know to get started

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Stamina system?

No, I don’t mean the actual stamina bar your character has when they’re running, climbing and gliding. I’m talking about the stamina system that’s commonly used in free-to-play mobile games to gate progression, and in Genshin Impact, it’s called Resin.

Resin, unlike Stamina in other free-to-play games, is used to unlock various dungeon or boss chests. This essentially means that you’re not gated from playing the game as long as you want, but you are gated with how many dungeons or bosses you can loot from on a daily basis.

Players can only restore their Resin up to six times a day through Primogems, which are a currency that is actually somewhat easy to acquire just by playing the game.

Party up with friends

The game supports online multiplayer for up to four players, but it does come with its own limitations. You can’t help each other with the main story quests, the visitor can’t open any of the host’s open-world chests (since they award Adventure Rank XP), and the visitor can’t collect special collectibles such as the Anemoculi.

However, there’s still plenty of fun to be had with others once you reach Adventure Rank 16 and online co-op unlocks. You can complete daily commissions, run domains which are the game’s dungeons, hunting world bosses, unlocking special 2 player chests and gathering resources. Anything accomplished in the host’s world will only affect that world specifically, meaning any defeated world boss will be back alive when you return to your world.

Have fun in Teyvat!

While there’s plenty of more advanced systems to go over, the ones I’ve listed above are a great way to ease yourself into Genshin Impact.