Genshin Impact Beginner’s Guide: Everything you need to know to get started

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Genshin Impact
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Focus on one to two characters… at first!

This one will seem rather oxymoronic, especially in a game with 18 different characters with diverse skills, elements and more, but I cannot stress this enough; pick one to two characters (one of them should probably be the main character) and focus on building them up first.

Don’t get me wrong, go ahead and level every one to level 20 (which is the initial max level) since you’ll most likely have plenty of XP items to do it. The problem stems from Ascending characters. This not only raises their stats but it also unlocks their level cap, allowing you to further level them up another 20 levels before needing to Ascend again. The required materials to Ascend characters will be rather scarce, at least initially. That, coupled with increasing XP cost the higher the character’s level, means that you’ll find yourself unable to progress because you’ll find yourself without Ascension materials and without the necessary XP items.