Marvel’s Avengers: 3 costumes we’d love for Thor

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King Thor

They say one of the most common causes of anxiety as an adult is the concern that they’re going to grow up to become their parents. But when Thor literally goes around introducing himself as “the Odinson” you can see it’s something he brought on himself.

See, this fella is a Thor from the future. A very bleak future where Asgard lays in shambles and Thor has taken over the title of “All-Father” from Odin, his fallen father. He also lost an eye so he even had the signature eye patch. Weird that losing depth perception comes with the title “All Seeing” but here we are.

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And if you thought the Unworthy Thor looked sad, feast thine eyes at this grumpy grampa.

But like, look at how good this looks. It’s still signature Thor complete with the six discs on the chest but it’s all battle armor. And not just any battle armor, it’s the metal used from ripping apart the famous Asgardian Destroyer armor. So while it’s all one color, there’s a reason, and dang that’s cool. Plus, while this is the only costume on the list that doesn’t present you with an ax, it is the only one on this list that gives you not just a cybernetic arm but an eyepatch.

And as an added bonus, if you use this and someone tells you that doesn’t look good you can tell them they’re absolutely wrong because they would be.

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