Marvel’s Avengers: 3 costumes we’d love for Iron Man

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Here are five costumes we’d love to see Iron Man get in Marvel’s Avengers.

With a large history of interpretations for Marvel’s heroes, there’s a ton of costume possibilities for Crystal Dynamics in Marvel’s Avengers.  One thing I’ve found disappointing though is that the Iron Man suit I have in this picture is the only Iron Man suit I wanted.

Iron Man has more costumes than even The Wasp and most of his outfits are boring recolors (though we do have one based off his stint as Iron Lantern, the Amalgam Green Lantern/Iron Man hybrid).

For the most part, there’s not a lot here that really stands out over other outfits though. And a lot of the recolors are incredibly unfortunate because, as shown here, it looks like someone used this Iron Man armor to scrape all the sauce off their burger.

For real, this is just fry sauce. Come on, Tony.

So here are three looks from Tony’s past that would be exceptional looking in the game. Suit up and strap in.

Bleeding Edge Armor

This one is one of Iron Man’s most famous. So much so that Tony actually wore this for three straight years without changing to a different look, a rarity for him. So much so that when Iron Man showed up in later MCU films suddenly having his armor just appear on his skin, it was because they liked the suit in the comics so much they just wanted to immediately switch to it. It’s one of his iconic looks not just because of the fact that it exists as nanites in his body and can also suddenly create things like thruster packs, swords and big constructs but also because it just looks really good.

It’s got several nice-looking blue lights across it, things coming off the back that double as thrusters, and the shoulders have a really cool look like small pauldrons and the helmet is iconic but clean.

Obviously the suit won’t be able to do what the one in the comic can but it would still be really nice to sport this gorgeous look. It’s unlikely because they desperately want to distance themselves from the MCU and the MCU mirrored this suit heavily but oof, it looks to good to ignore.