Madden 21 predictions for the Week 2 roster update

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Mitchell Trubisky Chicago Bears (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
Mitchell Trubisky Chicago Bears (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images) /

Chicago Bears

I was ready to write all of this about how Mitchell Trubisky should crash and burn into the 60s for OVR, but then he threw 3 TD in the fourth quarter to win the game over the Lions. So now it seems a modest increase is in order for the 72 OVR QB. We’ll see how long that lasts though…

Detroit Lions

You have to feel for Matthew Stafford, who had a game-winning reception in the end zone dropped by rookie HB D’Andre Swift. But my roster change for the Lions would have to be newly acquired HB Adrian Peterson who was the best runner on the field and put up 14 carries for 93 yards against a good Bears defense. His OVR in Madden 21 is 78 and should probably go up a point or two in Week 2.

Green Bay Packers

After putting up 364 yards and 4 TD (0 INT) in a 43-34 win over the Vikings, it’s apparent that the Madden 21 team did QB Aaron Rodgers dirty by giving him a 89 OVR. That’s disrespectful to one of the best QB I’ve ever seen play, and he should probably be closer to a 92 OVR. Sunday’s game is proof of that.

Minnesota Vikings

That Vikings defense got torched by the Packers passing offense, but my main takeaway is WR Adam Thielen is really, REALLY good. He’s already rated 90 OVR, but should see a point increase to that, with some possible increases coming to Medium and Deep Route Running.