What if Pokemon crossover spin-offs: Jurassic Park

Photo: Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield key art.. Image Courtesy The Pokémon Company International
Photo: Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield key art.. Image Courtesy The Pokémon Company International /

What if the creativity for Pokemon spin-off games were more possible? Especially including more crossovers with other popular franchises, like maybe Jurassic Park

It is always common to hear from the general Pokemon fan base that spin-off games that mash together the entire franchise in one game; in fact, it has always been a general demand from the dedicated fans to maximize their playing experience in Pokemon. Over the realms of the internet, games have been altered to fit this concept for fans, especially in nuzlocke challenges or extreme shiny hunting. In fact, with recent episodes in Pokemon podcasts, there has been more of a demand for custom made games across the internet while they wait for the next DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield to come out in winter.

When it comes to Pokemon games that were considered below the satisfaction rate, I consider the recent games that were released to miss the mark as far it comes to a general audience. I personally believe that Pokemon Sun and Moon could have been taken in a better direction than what it truly was. In the setting of how close the islands of Alola were in the games, it kept drawing back and reminding me of the islands in Jurassic Park. I consider myself quite the movie buff, and I am always a sucker to flip on the Jurassic Park series when it comes to Netflix every once and a while. A part me really considered, what if Pokemon and Jurassic Park collided in the spin-off game that was represented in the Alolan region.

The characteristics of both fictional stories are almost parallel. The focus of both series is the major study and power of animals that have complex evolutions. The slight difference is the edge of what Jurassic Park primarily focuses on dinosaurs. It is well known that dinosaurs once roamed the Earth and are now currently extinct, and Pokemon also shares this characteristic with some of their species. There is a total of 25 Pokemon now in the National Dex who come from a fossil in the Pokemon world. Using the same scientists that have the initiative in the Jurassic Park series, having Pokemon populate an island that is all from fossils would make a great Pokemon spinoff game.

Even with the 25 Pokemon that are fossilized Pokemon from the franchise, I feel like there would be the possibility for more dinosaur-oriented Pokemon in this spin-off. We have the most popular dinosaur with the Tyrannosaurus being represented by Tyrunt and Tyrantrum debuting in the core series games of Pokemon X and Y. There has to be a handful of Pokemon in the draft vault that are potential fossil Pokemon to yet to be featured that are based on other creatures that once roamed the Earth. It would definitely be fitting if there are more Pokemon based off the different dinosaurs, like the Spinosaurus or Triceratops which would definitely add to the species in this spin-off.

Even more so, where the creators could have featured the other Aloloan islands to be more geographical oriented. In Jurassic Park 3 there are several parts of the island that they visit that are exclusive for dinosaurs to have their own environment. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, a critical part of the game takes place at Aether Paradise. Imagine if there were more locations in Alola that were research centers like this that catered to more geographical areas that were more convenient to fossilized Pokemon? This would feature even more Pokemon that survived and thrived in the Ice Age, which would even have Mamoswine and the possibility to even explore more Pokemon that were based on extinct creators. Even so, this makes for the possibility to separate the versions and classify one as “Pokemon Fossilized Force Version” and “Pokemon Frozen Fearce Version” to separate the coordination of both games.

There will be other current Pokemon that would also debut in Pokemon Sun and Moon, like Alolan Executor and Turtonator, for they would be possible Pokemon that might have thrived in a prehistoric era. There could even be the possibility to expand on more evolutions to be explored in species that could’ve been based on other extinct creatures. For example, Sharpedo could have an evolution based on the Megalodon or a Wailord evolve into a Mosasaurus that would only be accessible in this game! Even to the average Pokemon collector to have them, the only way where a player could keep a Completed ‘Dex is to have it sent to Pokemon Home. If the average Pokemon game has featured an average of 300 Pokemon at minimum, there would still be the ability to fit a good amount of Pokemon in this game.

The plot that Pokemon Sun and Moon had could still keep its narrative from the direction of what this spin-off would be. The Pokemon professor that you meet at the beginning of the game would still be named after a tree, but to keep it close to Professor Kukui, the professor would be named Kokia. Keeping the trend that Sun and Moon are based on the islands of the Pacific, Kokia would be named after an extinct tree that was based in Hawaii known as Kokia cookei. Kokia would obviously give the trainer three starter Pokemon that were based on prehistoric animals, making the species just as special as fossilized Pokemon. The no gym concept in Sun and Moon would keep this benchmark for the trainer interacting with all the prehistoric Pokemon in the game; instead of challenging stronger versions of them like Totem Pokemon. Interaction with a villain group would try to manipulate the prehistoric Pokemon and have them cause chaos, just like the entire Jurassic Park franchise. In the end, the player would have to save the islands and complete the Pokedex that shows more study on prehistoric species that were once fossils.

I would like that version of Pokemon Sun and Moon if there was ever a way to have it played from a different timeframe. Noted, this is not saying that Sun and Moon were not enjoyable, this is putting the focus that the two games for Generation Six could have been handled better. Even so, Ultra Sun and Moon were unnecessary and there should have been different games that focused on the Aloloan Islands…maybe even focusing when dinosaurs once battled on the island.

Jurassic Park is on Netflix alongside the newest season of Pokemon Journeys!

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