Marvel’s Avengers ending features massive blink-and-you-miss-it bombshell

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Marvel’s Avengers features a huge bombshell that you may have missed while playing the campaign.

[SPOILER WARNING: This article not only goes into the main story of Marvel’s Avengers but covers things that happen to both the antagonist AND one of the main characters and is just FILLED with spoilers.]

Over the course of Marvel’s Avengers there is a side plot that is brought up constantly but never fully addressed. When Captain America dies in the beginning tutorial, he and George Tarleton are in a reactor room when the same reactor explodes. But in the official stories, and according to the surviving George, he was in a completely different area of the ship. George even seems to believe this.

Later, when you find Captain America alive and mostly well, he is incredibly dazed with no memory of what happened after the reactor exploded.

So, despite the fact that both George and Captain America were in the same room as the reactor, they’re both alive and well.

Here’s the thing though I don’t think they are and I think Captain America agrees. See, toward the end of the game there’s a very long stage where you control all six of the Avengers fighting MODOK. You basically pass the baton and as each is taken out of the battle, you hop over to the next. But we’re going to focus on the Captain America bit.

As you chase down MODOK and try and shut down his reactor, there’s a part where MODOK goes, “I want to make sure we never have to live through another A-Day again.” A-Day is the name for the event where the explosion happened.

But if you listen, and Captain America doesn’t say this too loudly, he says, “That’s the thing, George, I don’t think we did.”


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Over the course of the game, we find out that the REAL villain is actually MODOK’s assistant Monica. She’s involved in everything from time travel, to genetic mutation to… cloning. In fact, after you beat the game, you find out that while we thought she was killed by MODOK, all MODOK did was kill one of her clones. This also happens with Taskmaster and Abomination. It’s mentioned that Taskmaster and Abomination both died in the events of the story but there has to be a way for you to fighting them in side missions, thus Monica’s cloning.

So, here’s the thing and I know Steve thinks this too; him and George are clones. That’s right, Captain America is dead. Not only does this explain how they both survived being ground zero in an explosion that removed San Francisco from the map, but it also hints that the possibility of making more Captain Americas could be in the future.

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This isn’t brought up much in the game itself yet and, like I said, it’s very easy to miss because you’re running through one of the most intense sections of the game when Captain America says it, but… that’s a bombshell right there that I can’t stop thinking about. Rest in peace Steve and welcome back Steve.

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