30th Anniversary: The 5 worst characters in Sonic history

SEGA. Screenshots taken by Eric Halliday.
SEGA. Screenshots taken by Eric Halliday. /
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Bunnie Rabbot

Oh boy. This one is going to get weird. Bunnie was one of the earliest characters in the Sonic comics and actually a bit of a fan favorite. She wasn’t one of the main characters but she was there enough, like Beast in the X-Men comics.

She even has a cool backstory. You know how Eggman does that thing where he makes his animal robots but taking other animals and throwing them into a weird machine that bots them up? Bunnie was saved from one of these machines halfway through the conversion process where she became a cyborg rabbit.

This could have been a cool character. She could have been like Rogue of the X-Men, a tragic character that couldn’t touch people (but for different reasons). Heck, she even had a southern drawl and a pension for cowboy hats and jean shorts. But much like the comics tended to do with Rogue, they did for poor Bunnie and we ended up with this…

The real question for fans of the comics, why are y’all horny like this? Seriously. Every. Single. Female. The character ends up looking like this. The only female character in these comic books that don’t get this treatment is hilariously named “Cream.”

In fact, there is so much energy put towards sexing up the Sonic the Hedgehog universe that so many people debated whether or not Bunnie could have sex to the point where lead writer and disturbing weirdo, Ian Flynn made a public statement that she has robotic equivalents to her sex organs and they all still work.

So, on one side, good for Bunnie. But on the weird side, I guess that means that Eggman is installing Fleshlights in all his minions and I don’t know how to feel about that.

Speaking of proving that characters can do it like they do on the Discovery Channel that brings us to the last entry…