Warframe: Five Helminth builds you need to try

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Protea – Larval Destruction

Mastery Rank required – 0

Focus – range, duration, and strength

Acquisition – Deadlock Protocol quest, parts from Granum Void

Infused ability – Larva (Nidus)

Removed ability – Temporal Anchor

Protea is one of the more interesting new Warframes as of late and she is loads of fun and has a viable kit that offers a ton of utility. How can she become deadlier though? Synergize her blaze artillery with a vortex effect. If it isn’t obvious by now, Nidus’ larva ability can create so many ridiculously powerful synergies, despite its nerf before launching with the Helminth system.

The reason why Temporal Anchor was taken out is that all the other abilities help with either sustaining energy or survivability for Protea. Maybe her grenade fan ability can be taken out, but the charge effect for quick overshields is too good to pass up.

To get the most out of this setup, you’d want to be fighting enemies in an open area or in a chokepoint of sorts to get the most out of her blaze artillery. Group a bunch of enemies and cast a few. Thanks to the punch-through and double damage increase per hit, you’ll be hitting constantly higher critical hits and clear a room in seconds.