Warframe: Five Helminth builds you need to try

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Oberon – Jack of all Trades

Mastery Rank required – 0 (8 for Prime)

Focus – duration, range, strength, and survivability

Acquisition – Eximus enemies | Prime – Relics vaulted (earned through certain relics or via trading)

Infused ability – Roar (Rhino)

Removed ability – Smite

Oberon is that frame that just barely flies under the radar. He can heal and prevent status effects negatively affecting himself and his allies. His abilities aren’t as potent as something like Trinity. However, his potentials really started to be unlocked when open worlds became a thing in Warframe. Constant healing is really helpful in the grand scheme of things, but what if he can also provide a nice damage buff to be the king of the open world?

The build I provided is a very balanced build that focuses on everything. It’s a sustainable one to take out mostly in the open world. This is also my go-to for fighting the Profit Taker in the Orb Vallis. You mostly want to take some light health damage every now and then so your rage can constantly generate energy. The arcanes used help prevent energy loss and allow for more mistakes to happen should you start taking health damage.