Warframe: Five Helminth builds you need to try

Digital Extremes
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Loki – The Spy Master

Mastery Rank required – 0

Focus – duration

Acquisition – Psamathe, Neptune | Prime – Relics vaulted (earned through certain relics or via trading)

Infused ability – Perspicacity (Helminth tier 3)

Removed ability – anything but Invisibility

This is one of the more straightforward builds. Maybe you’re in a public game or you’re not the best when it comes to spy missions in Warframe. The stealth itself can be trivialized by using invisibility with a Loki, Ivara, or Ash or nuking an entire vault of enemies with AoE frames. However, you still need to hack some security here and there along the way and the vault itself to retrieve the compromised data.

I chose Loki for this build because he’s much more agile than other frames. Plus, his invisibility is the most versatile when you slap a Hushed Invisibility augment mod. Loki’s invisibility lasts longer than Ash’s and allows you to freely jump and run around unlike Ivara’s. Throw in a perspicacity ability as a replacement with anything but your invisibility and it works as a backup for a cipher in security hacks!