Warframe: Five Helminth builds you need to try

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Mirage – Full Dakka / Elemental Fast Hands

Mastery Rank required – 0 (8 for Prime)

Focus – duration and strength, weapons with long reload times or large magazines

Acquisition – Hidden Messages quest | Prime – Relics vaulted (earned through certain relics or via trading)

Infused abilities – Elemental Ward (Chroma) or Energized Munitions (Helminth Tier 5)

Removed ability – Sleight of Hand or Prism

Mirage basically makes any weapon viable with little setup. However, reload times or ammo efficiency can be a problem or ruin the flow of the game (especially when you’re trigger happy like me). Sometimes, putting that reload speed mod on a weapon solves one problem, but it can put a damper on your DPS. However, if you had an ability to resolve that issue, then all is well. Luckily, Chroma’s elemental ward has the ability to fix the reload speed problem.

As long as you change your frame’s emissive color to turn it into a toxic color(the symbol of a skull in front of an x), you will get the elemental ward effects that boost your holster and reload speed. I suggest using this build for weapons like the Quellor, Supra, Trumna, or just anything with a reload of more than 2.5 seconds. Personally, I like to use this on the Kuva Ogris or Secura Penta with a maxed Primed Sure Footed so I can face tank my own explosions and take out hordes of enemies in seconds. If it isn’t obvious right now, large numbers are very satisfying for me.

Say the reload isn’t necessarily up your aisle and you want more sustained firing. The Helminth has a unique ability named Energized Munitions. You do have to be at tier 5 to unlock this ability. This grants you 75% ammo efficiency for a set time which is affected by duration. In the demonstration, I used the new archgun— the Mausolon. It has a very large magazine and it felt like I was using a mounted turret because if you cast your ability correctly, you can go a very long time getting the most out of one clip. This is very much viable with weapons like the Soma (and Prime), Supra, Secura Dual Cestra, and more.

To really maximize either of these setups, I suggest having a carrier or an ammo munition mod in the exilus slots of your weapons. Also, the build provided can work with either transfused ability, so have at it.