Warframe: Five Helminth builds you need to try

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Saryn – Queen of the Spores

Mastery Rank required – 0

Focus – range and strength, a Condition Overload viable melee weapon

Acquisition – Merrow, Sedna | Prime – Relics vaulted (earned through certain relics or via trading)

Infused ability – Larva (Nidus)

Removed ability – Toxic Lash

Saryn has been my favorite Warframe even after all the changes since her initial launch. If anything, she has become much more lethal and interactive. It was rather difficult to find an ability that would meet the chopping block. I removed her toxic lash ability for Nidus’ larva ability. Boy, did it yield some very pleasant results.

Her spore abilities synergize quite nicely with all other abilities, but what if you can spread spores and funnel all your enemies into one concentrated location? You don’t have to necessarily use the weapon I used to achieve a whole new level of lethality. As long as you have a staff or polearm or anything with decent range and power that pairs well with the mod Condition Overload, you can yield similar results. You’ll also want to use some kind of weapon that has a high enough status chance and area-of-effect damage. Take my Telos Boltace build for example:

In this demonstration, I start by infecting a group of level 175 corrupted heavy gunners and then cast a larva. I then switch to my status weapon to quickly spread the spores in that concentrated area. This is where the chaotic satisfaction begins: just spam the typical quick melee attack and numbers fly everywhere. Graphical effects are working overtime and the frames drop, but in second, these enemies are gone.