Warframe: Five Helminth builds you need to try

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With Warframe: Heart of Deimos being out for some time, we can finally infuse other frames’ abilities to up the mayhem.

Looking back after Tennocon 2020 and before the launch of Update 29, there was a lot to process and speculate. Sure, we have new weapons and companions to play with, more lore to absorb, and the third open world to explore. While that is all nice and definitely expanded my arsenal, I was looking more forward to the Helminth system that came to Warframe in the Heart of Deimos.

But of course, with a new system like this, it’s the perfect place for a grind to be implemented in. For players who aren’t sitting pretty on the multitude of resources from the game, this will definitely be such a time sink. For players like me who have definitely put more hours than I’m proud to say, it’s something I can put my theory crafting into practice with little to no barriers.

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The Helminth system introduced a long-awaited system that will definitely allow veteran players to really get the most out of their favorite frames and maybe find some new synergies. There are two more significant catches besides the grind— only one specific ability is able to be transferred per Warframe, and damage buffing abilities cannot be given to frames that already have one unless switched out. You can check the abilities in the Dev Workshop here.

Some abilities that are transferable provide much more utility than others, so nerfs already had to be made. In a few weeks or months from now after a handful of players get their own Helminth segments, I hope that the less interesting abilities are either reworked or buffed. I can’t see myself using something like a Volt shock or Gauss thermal sunder on other frames unless they’re as potent as Protea’s dispensary, Ivara’s Quiver, or Rhino’s roar just to name a few.

Just nearly two weeks of putting my theory crafting into testing, I have found ways to squeeze more potential out of some of my favorite Warframes. Do keep in mind, some of the mods and arcanes I install can be changed slightly to accommodate other playstyles if need be.