Madden 21: Best offense and defense playbooks to use if you want to dominate

Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots l(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots l(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /
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Part of any successful game plan is successful playcalling. Here are the best offense and defense playbooks in Madden 21.

Each NFL team and coaching staff have their own playbook which is what makes that certain team unique. What a lot of Madden players don’t realize is that playbooks can make a huge difference in your game. If you play Madden every year then chances are you are someone who messes with your playbook and chooses one that fits your style of play. However, if you’re new to Madden 21, here are some of the best team playbooks, offense and defense, that could help you win some games.

Like I stated earlier, every playbook is different in its own way. Some playbooks might emphasize the run, while others might rely heavily on passing the ball. Some might be a mix of both. There are also playbooks that are better built on the type of defense you want to play. Chances are that if you hop into an online game, one of your opponents going to be using one of the five playbooks listed here.

Las Vegas Raiders (Offense Playbook)

The Las Vegas Raiders has an offensive playbook that is going to allow you to absolutely plow yourself through the competition. If you are the type of player who tends to run the ball a whole heck of a lot, this is going to be the playbook that is going to make your opponents wondering on how to stop the run.

Playbooks are flexible with different teams as well. If you choose a team that is stacked on the rushing game and you slap this playbook into the mix then you are going to have tons of success on the rushing game. Singleback and I Form are going to really be two of the best options that will help you break through the opposition’s defense.

Another great thing about the Las Vegas Raiders offensive playbook is that it has some decent pass plays that you can use once in a while that will throw your opponent off guard. Obviously, you can’t run the ball the whole game or your playstyle will become too predictable. However, if you want to throw your opponents off with some passes here and there they have a few options that will be sure to get your receivers open for a nice gain through the air.