Why Fall Guys Season 2 is going with the medieval theme

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Fall Guys lead designer explains why they went with the medieval theme for their battle royale game.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout‘s second season is just about a month away and Mediatonic has already revealed it will be medieval themed. In a recent interview I had with lead designer Joe Walsh, I asked about the upcoming season and while he couldn’t reveal specific spoilers, he did talk the reason with going with a medieval theme for Season Two.

"“We can talk about why we’re doing medieval. Basically people have been clambering for…’make it harder, make it harder’, ‘the levels are too easy’, like, ‘give us a real challenge’ so if we’re going medieval it allows us to be pretty dastardly with the things that we can create.”"

The recent sneak peek trailer teased things like moving draw bridges, increased verticality, and most frighteningly of all, a stage in which players have to move large boxes together in order to climb over walls. With many players having mastered the nuances of the current set of puzzles, a refresh with more challenging obstacles will be welcomed.

Walsh also dropped some hints about some obstacles not shown in the trailer. And it sounds both fun and crazy.

"“There are so many weird medieval contraptions to draw from like trebuchets and swinging axes and things and there’s so much fun content.”"

I can’t imagine the swinging axes but hopefully, it’s reminiscent of the first image ever of Fall Guys that Joe Walsh shared on his Twitter following the game’s successful release.

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So while I’m not sure if the swinging axes are going to be an obstacle or something a player can actually wield but all I know is that this next season is going to go completely medieval on us. Of course, one has to wonder if the increased difficulty will also be a turn-off for some who just want to play the game casually for fun. Will the harder puzzles maintain the same silliness or result in more competitive play?

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