Madden 21: 10 quarterbacks to build your franchise around

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Easton Stick Los Angeles Chargers (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)
Easton Stick Los Angeles Chargers (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /

Easton Stick

Don’t be scared by the 62 OVR, Easton Stick has some ratings that could make the second-year pro a quarterback of the future. While Stick’s Awareness rating of 62 is keeping his OVR low, his other ratings are good enough to build around. Easton Stick has 85 Speed, 91 Agility, 88 Acceleration and 87 Change of Direction. His passer ratings aren’t the most impressive, but with good play, those can be improved. Stick has 83 Throw Power, 78 Short Accuracy, 72 Mid Accuracy and 73 Deep Accuracy.

Stick is going to be much easier to land than his Chargers teammate Justin Herbert, so that means you’re keeping more assets to help build the offense up. Ultimately, you’ll want to rely on your legs while his passer ratings develop.

Jacob Eason

The 63 OVR rookie out of Washington, Jacob Eason is another lower-rated QB but has ratings to justify a touch season or two while you develop him. In a league where a faster, mobile quarterback is becoming the norm, Eason won’t set the world on fire with his 76 Speed. But what the 6’6″ QB does have is a good arm. Eason has 93 Throw Power (better than Herbert), 80 Short Accuracy, 73 Mid Accuracy, and 73 Deep Accuracy. That 93 Throw Power is tied for 6th best in Madden 21.

Again, it won’t be easy early on if you’re building around Jacob Eason, but in the past I’ve started Stephen Morris at quarterback and did just fine. If you don’t mind going down to a 57 OVR, Buffalo Bills rookie QB Tyree Jackson also has a 93 Throw Power but with worse accuracy ratings. That said, he has 85 Speed. Pick your poison.