Madden 21: 10 quarterbacks to build your franchise around

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For all you QB-needy teams out there in Madden 21, here are 10 quarterbacks to build your franchise around.

Madden 21 is here, and despite no significant franchise mode updates at launch, we’re still excited to take a team and shape them through multiple seasons. Whether you’re playing as your favorite team, rebuilding a struggling franchise, or looking to take your team to the next level, there’s no more important position to a team’s success than the quarterback.

The younger and more promising quarterbacks are obviously the ones you want to focus on building your franchise around. It’s not every days a Peyton Manning or Kurt Warner hit the free agent market late in their careers and fall into the laps of good but QB-needy teams to make them Super Bowl contenders.

So here are 10 quarterbacks to build your franchise around in Madden 21. And no, Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson aren’t going to be on this list because they’re the best young quarterbacks in the NFL and they deserve to be special on their teams. Likewise, I didn’t include Kyler Murray or Deshaun Watson because they’re Superstars in Madden 21. Those four quarterbacks are, however, the cream of the crop and guys you want to build your franchise around if you’re playing as their teams.

Joe Burrow

You had to see this one coming. Joe Burrow was the #1 Overall pick by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2020 NFL Draft after putting together one of the best seasons for a QB ever at LSU. He’s the highest rated player on this list (76 OVR) of young quarterbacks to build your team around, but he’s also the best player to do it with. Burrow has the chance to be truly special. We’re talking Marino special. Mahomes special.

Burrow is sporting ratings of 83 Speed, 86 Throw Power, 88 Short Accuracy, 84 Mid Accuracy, and 85 Deep Accuracy. It would be insanely hard to trade for Burrow, but that’s for you to figure out how to do. I’m just listing the best quarterbacks to build your franchise around, and Burrow has to top that list.