Madden 21: Five teams that you should avoid using

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Avoid using these teams in Madden 21 unless you want a disadvantage.

When it comes to sport video games, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at the team ratings unless you want to have a disadvantage against your opponent. Sports games are created in a way that you want to try and match your opponent’s team in order to make the game fairer. In other circumstances, there are times where you are going to choose a team no matter what their overall is just because you want to play as that team, which is perfectly fine.

If this is your first year buying a Madden video game and do not really know how the game itself works, then most likely you are going to first want to use a team that is a little on the better side of things. The higher the team overall is, the better team they will be on the field.

If you play as the worst team in the game and you go up against the highest overall rated team, unless you are a Madden pro, then you are most likely going to have some trouble winning games. With Madden 21 now out in early access and player ratings for every NFL team already released, I wanted to take a look at what teams you should avoid playing as especially if you do not play the game very often and want to win more often than not.

Matthew Stafford -Detroit Lions (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)
Matthew Stafford -Detroit Lions (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images) /

Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions are Madden 21’s worst-rated team.  The past couple of years in the NFL, the Lions have been a train wreck. Their franchise is starting to crumble and the problem is not going to be resolved overnight.

Over the past couple of seasons, they haven’t even finished with an above .500 win percentage. In fact, their best record in the past 5 seasons came back in both the 2016 and 2017 season when they had a 9-7 record. The Detroit Lions clearly need to rebuild and rebuild if they want any chances of winning a Super Bowl in their franchise.

The Detroit Lions are going to come into Madden 21 as the worst-rated team at launch. To make matters worse, their highest-rated player on the team this year is Kenny Golladay and Trey Flowers at 86 overall. That right there is not something that Lions fans should be happy about.

The goal would be to at least have one player in the 90s or above, but unfortunately, that is not the case. If you look to play online with the Detroit Lions then there is most likely going to be a good chance that your opponent is going to dismantle your defense and an even better chance that you are going to struggle to score on offense, two recipes for disaster.

Unless you are a Detroit Lions fan or if you just want to play as the Lions for fun to test them out, I would suggest not using them if you play online. They do not have a lot of offensive or defensive weapons and Matthew Stafford as an 83 overall quarterback is not going to do much for you either.