NBA 2K20: Our 2020 NBA Playoffs 1st Round simulation

Kyle Kuzma Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images)
Kyle Kuzma Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images) /
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NBA 2K20: Our NBA 2020 Playoffs Sim
Kendrick Nunn – Miami Heat (Photo by Ashley Landis – Pool/Getty Images) /

Indiana Pacers (4) vs Miami Heat (5)

Game 1: Miami Heat 107 – Indiana Pacers 130
Game 2: Miami Heat 97 – Indiana Pacers 119
Game 3: Indiana Pacers 93 – Miami Heat 105
Game 4: Indiana Pacers 95 – Miami Heat 99
Game 5: Miami Heat 92 – Indiana Pacers 109
Game 6: Indiana Pacers 94 – Miami Heat 108
Game 7: Miami Heat 74 – Indiana Pacers 96

The Indiana Pacers edge the Miami Heat in seven games to move on to second round.

Of all the first-round series, the Indiana Pacer and Miami Heat will probably prove to be the most competitive and exciting. Sure enough, NBA 2K20 sure seems to think so too, predicting it as the only series to go the full length. In the end, the Pacers are expected to edge out the Heat in game seven.

You’re probably wondering what happened in game seven that resulted in the Heat scoring just 74 points. Well, for starters, they shot just 39 percent (26-86) from the field, including just 18 percent (6/34) from three-point range. Comparatively, the Pacers shot 38 percent from the field along with 38 percent from beyond the arc.

Really though, the Heat struggled offensively all series. The team had a field goal percentage of just .414 for the series, second-worst in the first round. Only the Rockets had a worse field goal percentage (.369) in the round. They were the worst in the league from three-point land, hitting just .285 percent from three.

In real life, this series is going to be a grind, but we’re used to that in the playoffs from these two teams who have quite a history between the.