Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout: 10 costume collaborations we want to see

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It’s hard to get into Disney parks right now, so Fall Guys should make it easy for people to see their favorite Disney characters by having them as costumes in the game. Take the classic characters — Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy and Pluto — and make costumes for them. You could have Mickey’s pants, tail and ears. Equip Donald’s duck bottom and legs, and then his sailor hat and shirt.


For now, it’s looking like there will be an NFL season, but who knows what the future holds. Regardless of whether there is or isn’t an NFL season, team jerseys would be a cool costume option for NFL fans in Fall Guys. The NFL is also no stranger to this type of collaboration, as they’ve added NFL jerseys to Fortnite in the past.


Finally, we have LEGO. I think a bunch of people running around these obstacles with LEGO body parts would be hilarious. Honestly, some LEGO characters already have costumes similar to those in Fall Guys, like the hot dog bottom and top. But the world of LEGO is so creative and diverse, there’s room for much more. LEGO has had their IP in other games before, like in Forza Horizon 4 there was a LEGO Speed Champions DLC featuring LEGO cars and pieces of the environment.

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Let us know some of the costume collaborations you’d like to see in Fall Guys in the comments below.