Rocket Arena: Tips, tricks and best heroes for Rocketball

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Rocket Arena has many game modes, but one that requires teamwork more than all of the others is Rocketball. Here are some tips and tricks for sports-like mode.

Electronic Arts Rocket Arena is a fun, team arena shooter where you brandish rocket weapons to best your opponents in objective-based modes. Each hero their own unique weapon and abilities, meaning some characters are better suited for certain modes. The game mode that might take the most teamwork is Rocketball, a mode where you battle for control of a ball to carry or throw across the map into the enemy team’s goal. The first to five goals wins.

One of the top things to know is that while you’re in possession of the ball, you can’t use your special ability. That means some of the heroes abilities that provide great mobility are rendered useless while you have the ball. But they can still be useful in the mode itself when you don’t have the ball. Since it’s like other sports, kind of in the same genre as Rocket League, it’s useful to keep one player on your team on defense. It’s fine starting out and pushing up and to the side to get a bit of a flank on the other team, but you should be close enough to your goal to protect it.

Speaking of defense, while shooting the enemy player with the ball is a good deterrent, you can also shoot the ball while it’s in the air to deflect the ball away from your goal. Shooting the ball is also useful on offense. If you shoot the ball after passing it, the ball will go further. Passing is also useful for multiple things. Passing to a teammate going for their goal can give you a better opportunity to score. Passing the ball at the goal can make you score. Finally, if you’re deep in your territory and things aren’t looking great, pass the ball out of bounds to reset it at the spawn point.

Some heroes that are most useful in the mode and that you should become accustomed to using in Rocketball are Blastbeard, Flux, Izell, Plink and Rev, and for the following reasons:

  • Blastbeard – Blastbeard is really great for defense due to his AOE primary attacks and his special, Shockwave, which knocks back opponents and blasts the ball away when it’s in the air. So when someone throws the ball at your goal, use Shockwave and blast the ball away, usually off the map to reset it.
  • Flux – The newest hero in Rocket Arena, Flux is another character that presents an interesting kit for Rocketball. Her Black Hole Cat secondary attack is good for an opening engage where the ball spawns, and to defend due to it being able to catch incoming attacks.
  • Izell – Izell is great in Rocketball for one reason — her special Jaaqua Charge. This leaping ability is great to pounce into the ball spawn to hit away enemies and grab the ball. Also, use it on errant passes to quickly get the ball back.
  • Plink – Plink is a really good offensive character due to his special ability Skedaddle Ball. Using this throws a teleporter, which you then reactivate to teleport to where it is. In the hands of a skilled player, or with plenty of practice, you can pass the ball ahead, throw the teleporter, reactivate to teleport, and then get your own pass. You can also use it to grab the ball at spawn quickly.
  • Rev – Probably my favorite character to use in all of Rocket Arena, Rev is especially good in Rocketball on offense because of her Shatterslam special. It’s a speed boost that you can activate a kick on at the end that bashes opponents away. Use it to get to the spawn point and hit the enemies away, or use it to quickly get after the ball.

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If you have any tips to help people succeed in the Rocket Arena game mode Rocketball, comment below.