Trainers gear up for Magikarp Community Day


Magikarp Community Day is the featured event in Pokemon GO for the month of August! The splashing fish Pokemon is finally making its debut for the popular app.

August has just begun and the Community Day for the month is right around the corner. Pokemon GO’s Community Day event will feature Magikarp, the water-type Pokemon that evolves into the atrocious Pokemon, Gyrados. 2020 has featured a great deal of Pokemon from the Kanto region, Magikarp making the Community Day appearance commemorates another popular Pokemon to spawn more frequently. With the end of Ultra Unlock Week with Dragon Week coming to an end, it is only fitting that another popular Dragon-like Pokemon closes the week with Gyrados. An exciting event for Pokemon trainers everywhere, Magikarp takes a great deal of candy for the Pokemon to evolve in Pokemon GO, this event will surely be full of challenges that the trainer will accomplish.

As stated before, more Kanto has been featured for Community Day in 2020 for the first time since the debut of the event in Pokemon GO two years ago. The variety of Pokemon from the Kanto region has been popular favorite species since the dawn of the earliest Pokemon games. The way how this statistic is studied is due to the fact that the creators at Niantic went to the audience of the app to vote for a series of Pokemon to be featured on Community Day. The featured Pokemon that were voted by trainers include Rhyhorn, Weedle, and Gastly that have all been featured this year. The most recent events that have been taking place from the comforts of trainer’s homes due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Niantic has been promoting the activity for trainers to actively participate at home in order for trainers to still enjoy the mechanics of Pokemon GO at a safe distance.

Community Day featuring Magikarp will take place on Sat. Aug. 8th from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (based on whatever standard time zone the trainer plays). Magikarp will appear more frequently in the wild, especially increasing the chances of shiny Magikarp to spawn in the wild. Evolving Magikarp during and two hours after the event into Gyrados will have the evolved Pokemon learning the charged move Aqua Tail. There will also be special Community Day Field Research that will reward the trainer with Magikarp Candies to have the opportunity to evolve more Magikarp. In addition to the special Field Research for Community Day, if the trainer takes a photo of a Magikarp during hours of the event, there is an additional surprise waiting for the player.

The price of participating for Magikarp Community Day is priced at $1(US or whatever currency equivalent) which is for sale in the shop for the app. Aside from the ticket, there will also be additional promotions to purchase the same day as the event. An August Community Day Box will also be for sale the hours when the event takes place that will contain thirty Ultra Balls, an Elite Charged TM, six Star Pieces, and a single Incense for the trainer to use. Incenses used during the hours of Community Day will be active for three hours so that the trainer can maximize their time frame for the event. Incenses on Community Day have been extended for maximum time frames possible so that trainers can catch as many Pokemon possible.

The creators of Pokemon GO at Niantic want to remind trainers to please practice safe and social distancing during Community Day. Trainers actively participating should keep in mind of the current time frame that the world is still proactively experiencing during this global pandemic. If celebrating Community Day outside, be sure to play with caution, wherever the trainer is participating.

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It looks like we will see more trainers with Gyrados in their Pokemon GO parties. This marks the final Community Day event of the summer season in 2020. What Pokemon will be in the spotlight in the coming months for Community Day for the remainder of the year? This will not be the last time trainers will experience Magikarp, the pattern has shown over the past two years that the final Community Day celebration of the year features all the Pokemon that were featured so far. With that information, Magikarp will be returning to spawn more by the end of 2020. Until then, trainers will look forward to Community Day to celebrate for the month of August.

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