Fall Guys finds success on Twitch with unique twist on battle royale

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Fall Guys has been one of the most popular video games to be streamed on Twitch during its beta period.

Fall Guys is a brand new video game that has been very popular in the gaming community as of late. The game has now officially ended its beta period and is available on PC and PlayStation 4 for $19.99 for anyone who would like to play.

Just recently however Fall Guys was the number one watched video game on Twitch and currently has over four million hours of watch time. These kinds of statistics are ridiculous for a game that just ended its beta phase. If you go over to Twitch, as of this writing, then I can almost guarantee you that Fall Guys will be the number one currently viewed game on there right now.

When video games become popular, other developers and publishers take notice. We then get an influx of games with similar premises but slightly tweaked.

Take a look at Fortnite and PUBG. These were two battle royale games that sparked an entire genre. Fortnite’s popularity led to all sorts of copycats, even from some of the industry’s largest publishers. Activision released Call of Duty: Warzone while EA launched APEX Legends. These are two games that might not have existed if it wasn’t for the popular trend of battle royale genre video games.

Fall Guys is not your typical battle royale. While the objective of the game is to be the last person standing, it does something truly unique within the genre. Instead of hunting down other groups of players and engaging in a shootout to be the last person or team standing, you compete in mini-games. Think Mario Party but on a larger scale.

Fall Guys starts out with 60 players per game and a single mini-game challenge. Once the challenge begins only about 45 players can qualify for the next challenge. As the games go on, the player pool shrinks (kind of like the circle in a typical battle royale game). This means after every mini-game, if you are not one of the players able to complete it the quickest then you will be eliminated. These challenges continue until just one person is declared the winner.

This game puts a whole new spin on the battle royale genre and I think that there are going to be other video games who might try and make knock-off versions simply because of how popular it has been so far.

On its first day of launch, Fall Guys already had server issues because of the influx of players eager to check it out. Developer Mediatonic did not expect this much initial success and is working towards beefing up the servers as we speak.

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Will all this early success, it is only a matter of time before other games start being released that have the same kind of concept. If you haven’t gotten to take a look at what Fall Guys is all about you can watch the trailer to the video game here.