Best players to trade for in MLB The Show 20

Michael Conforto New York Mets (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)
Michael Conforto New York Mets (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /
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MLB The Show 20 - New York Mets v Boston Red Sox
Michael Conforto New York Mets (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /

Right Field

Michael Conforto (NYM)Age 27, Overall 82, Potential B, Contract $8M (1 year ARB)

Conforto is in his prime and still has room to grow. He’s a good value at $8M with another year of control, has pretty good defensive ratings, and he can mash RHP.

Griffin Conine (TOR) – Age 22, Overall 61, Potential D, Contract $60K (2 years RNW, 3 years ARB)

The only reason to trade for Conine is because you’re a big fan of his dad, Jeff Conine (aka Mr. Marlin). That’s literally the only reason… and I did it.

Jarrod Dyson (PITT) – Age 35, Overall 73, Potential B, Contract $2M (Final Year)

Don’t care about hitting and just want good base running and defense? Don’t count on Dyson for batting average or power, but if you need fielding (92), arm accuracy (92), reaction (99) or need a good pinch runner/late inning defensive replacement, Dyson is easy to trade for.

Jose Martinez (TB) – Age 31, Overall 73, Potential C, Contract $1.6M (2 years ARB)

Easier to trade for than Hunter Renfroe, Jose Martinez is both affordable and won’t empty out your farm system. While he has a 70 power rating vs LHP, he’s more of a contact hitter (78 vs R, 90 vs L. He only has 36 speed but you’re getting him because you need a hitter.

Brandon Nimmo (NYM) – Age 27, Overall 73, Potential B, Contract $2.2M (2 years ARB)

Won’t cost as much to get as Conforto. He has great discipline and despite hitting ratings in the mid-50s to high-60s, he can hit leadoff while playing any of the OF positions.

Harold Ramirez (MIA) – Age 25, Overall 68, Potential B, Contract $2.3M (7 years)

Ramirez plays much better than his rating and has good contact hitting ratings. You can live with him on a contending team in the corner outfield, or he can be traded for in a rebuild. He cost $2.3M for each of the next 7 seasons, so he’s on an incredibly friendly deal and will only get better.

Hunter Renfroe (TB) – Age 28, Overall 81, Potential B, Contract $3.3M (3 years ARB)

Renfroe is the most difficult to trade for among these RF, but he’s a great fielder and hits for a lot of power, especially against lefties (95). You have control with three years of arbitration, so Renfroe is a good trade option for your contending lineup.

Eric Thames (WAS) – Age 33, Overall 74, Potential C, Contract $4M (Final Year)

If you want a power hitting corner outfielder, Thames is incredibly easy to trade for. When I got him he was #2 among home run leaders, and he only continued that in my lineup.

Those are my suggested trade targets in MLB The Show 2020 franchise mode. If you have any suggested trade targets, drop them in the comments below.