Mario Collection: 5 lesser-known gems we’d love to see remastered

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Super Princess Peach (2005)

I love this game so much. I’m going to address the elephant in the room first though. There are many people who said Super Princess Peach is somewhat sexist because Princess Peach uses strong emotions to destroy things but I posit this view on it.

Super Princess Peach
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First off, Princess Peach has to save both Mario AND Luigi. Secondly, Princess Peach rescues them from an island where everyone has lost control of their emotions and she has to save the day because she is literally the only person on the island that can manage their emotions so… just saying, she’s kind of a badass.

But manage your emotions you must in this game. As you make your way through the game with your umbrella companion, Perry, you use the bottom screen of the DS to change Peach’s mood (as long as you have power in your meter). If she’s sad, she runs spraying tears everywhere and putting out fires. If she’s mad, she stomps and burns things. It’s a wonder they never put this version of Peach into Smash Bros because… lookout.

In addition to the cool mechanic, there are also unlockable abilities for Perry that encourage backtracking. The art style is also beautiful. There are exception boss battles that require you to think of clever usage of your abilities. And there’s a really charming story for Perry, the parasol.

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Not only that but you can play through the game a second time with “endless vibe” mode which gives you infinite emotional energy allowing you to fly, burn and cry your way through this game like a weird superhero. Super Princess Peach absolutely needs to come back.